Tong Dojo Shotokan Karate/Chapman Shotokan Karate

Bringing yesterday's traditions into the modern world

What is Shotokan karate?

The way of the empty hand, karate is both a martial art and a sport that has proliferated worldwide. Karate uses a variety of kicks, punches, knee attacks and elbow strikes along with various blocking techniques. martial arts in Morningside-Lenox Park karate in Morningside-Lenox Park

Our school

More than 1,000 square feet in training space;  modern equipment such as heavy punching bags, free weights and stretching machines; traditional karate training tools including makiwaras, hand-strength stones (chiishi), and hand-gripping jars (nigiri gami); private and secure changing areas; comfortable seating areas and lounge; extensive pro shop with top-of-the-line gear and equipment.

Convenient to Buckhead, Midtown, Intown Atlanta

2000 Faulkner Road (intersection of Cheshire Bridge & Faulkner)

Atlanta GA 30324



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Tong Dojo Shotokan Karate/Chapman Shotokan Karate

2000-K Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta GA 30324

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